Under Desk Mini Exercise Bike

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Enhance your home office setup with the Mini Exercise Bike, a convenient solution for staying active while you work. Compact and portable, it fits seamlessly under desks for discreet workouts. Exercise arms and legs with adjustable resistance levels, monitored via the LCD display. Improve muscular endurance and overall health with this versatile pedal exerciser. Stay productive and prioritize your well-being with our Home Pedal Exerciser—your go-to fitness companion for any workspace.

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We are all trying to be healthy and stay fit. However, sometimes it is hard to find time to get to the gym, go on a run, or play that game of tennis. A mini exercise bike is a perfect tool for getting a quick workout at home or in the office. They are compact enough to fit in any room and can be used anywhere —even under your desk while you work. Using a mini bike improves your overall health and increases muscular endurance.

It is specifically designed to be used exercise arms and legs.

Portable Design

If you want to do exercise while working in office, this mini under desk bike will be the best choice. So, the compact design makes it portable, easy to store under a desk or similar area.

Arms & Legs Exercise

This pedal exerciser is not only used for legs fitness, but also used for arms. Freely select the exercise way you need, improve the muscle shape and blood circulation.

Adjustable Resistance

Additionally, you can set different level resistance according to fitness by the whirling knob.

LCD Display

Make a fitness flag, you can track your exercise condition, includings time, count, calories and distance (unit:meter).

Package included:
1 x Mini Exercise Bike with LCD Display

Warm tips
Please exercise according to your own condition, and don’t exceed to exercise to make your muscle hurt

Home Pedal Exerciser

Combined with Arm & Leg exercise by adjustable multi-level resistance , this mini bike trainer can target at providing different exercising level to train your muscle group, upper & lower body exercises with best effect to keep fit.

Adjustable Pedal Resistance

The pedal exerciser with adjustable resistance whirling, you can set different level resistance according to different groups, different exercising degree of difficulty for different exercising period.

Digital LCD Display

The multi function LCD monitor displays time, count, calories and distance (unit:meter), Moreover includes a scan feature that can show all measurements in sequence, make you know your exercising journey more easily.

Lightweight & Portable Design

With compact design, mini size: 40.5x32x19cm / 15.9×12.5×7.4inch, weight: 4kg / 8lb, you can training at anywhere and anytime, such as home, office, even outside, no limited for such small body.

Easy Assembly

Pedal exerciser with all supplied accessories, in few minutes and without asking for any tools. The anti-slip pedal and the non-slip bike foot provide excellent attachment and will not slip during exercise.

Important Tip

Right pedal has standard thread and left pedal has reverse thread. To tighten the pedals, turn the right pedal clockwise and the left pedal counterclockwise.Or tighten the pedal in the direction of the arrow on the pedal.