TV In A Suitcase Price: $ 1.196.99 (as of 16/06/2024 02:37 PST- Details)

Unleash entertainment on the go with LG StanbyME Go! This 27″ portable wonder, disguised as a sleek briefcase, transforms tailgates, campsites, and backyards into epic theaters. Cordless and loaded with a 3-hour battery, it’s your ticket to movie magic anywhere. With a touch screen for versatile viewing, this outdoor marvel connects effortlessly, offering Wi-Fi, HDMI, USB, Apple AirPlay 2, and screen mirroring. Plus, it’s equipped with LG webOS for a world of apps and 300+ free channels. Elevate your adventure – StanbyME Go is ready to play!

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The LG StanbyME Go is a portable, wireless 27″ screen built into a briefcase design that protects it when traveling and makes it very easy to store when not in use. Up to 3 hours of battery* allows for usage in places without power. From tailgating and camping to backyard movies and games with the family, the StandbyME Go is the obvious choice for outdoor lovers who need a large screen.

*Actual battery usage time and performance may vary depending on network connectivity and application use.


Take the StanbyME Go briefcase design to tailgates, camping, or anywhere your journey leads. Its sturdy, protective hard case safeguards the screen on the move and simplifies idle storage.


Embrace cordless freedom with StanbyME Go’s built-in battery, offering up to 3 hours of use. Its 27-inch screen transforms any setting – beach movies, mountain music, backyard game nights – liberating your entertainment from power outlets.


Enhance your StanbyME Go experience with its adjustable touch screen. Watch movies in landscape mode, browse social media in portrait mode, or lay it flat for games and music. Easily control StanbyME Go through touch, remote, or voice.


The Wi-Fi-enabled StanbyME Go offers many ways to stay connected to your content. The included HDMI and USB ports allow you to connect to your traditional devices easily. Apple AirPlay 2 and screen mirroring allow for easy sharing and mirroring from your mobile device.
WEBOS: Take your apps with you wherever you go. Stream video, play music, or browse the internet on LG webOS. Or get instant access to over 300 free channels with LG Channels.