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Elevate your wellness practice with the Meditation Pillow, packed with 100% buckwheat hulls for comfort and sustainability. It’s made of ultra-soft velvet, making it both luxurious and environmentally friendly. Designed to improve posture, reduce tension, and increase circulation during meditation and yoga, it also serves as a stunning decor element for your house or studio, thanks to its lovely mandala pattern. Florence provides high-quality items that improve your physical and emotional health.

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Meditation Pillow


Our buckwheat meditation cushion is filled by 100% buckwheat hull. The cover is removable and made of ultra-soft velvet fabric.

Meditation Cushion

Create a stimulating space with these floor cushions for adults. Explicitly designed for meditation and yoga, this thick floor cushion can be used as a prop for specific yoga poses, to ease you into meditation, or as a seat for working at a low table.

Sustainable Filling

Our meditation pillow is filled with 100% buckwheat hulls to connect you to nature and then covered with foam padding for an extra-soft seat. You can choose your comfort by changing out the filling for a different eco-friendly alternative.

Posture Support

Designed to place you in a natural seated position, our yoga meditation cushion relieves stress on joints, eases lower back pain, and promotes circulation. Our floor seating encourages proper posture when doing yoga poses or meditating.

Lovely Decor Piece

Made from soft velvet with a lovely mandala pattern, this yoga pillow fits many decorative styles and doubles as an accent piece for your home or yoga studio. You can move this floor cushion to your yoga class or Zen Garden with the discreet handle.

Our Promise To You

At Florence, we are passionate about the health benefits of yoga and meditation. With each of our products, we strive to promote your physical and mental well-being and connect you with nature. Please get in touch with us if you have any trouble with our meditation pillow; we would be pleased to make it right.