Satin Bonnet for Sleeping Price: $ 12.99 (as of 12/06/2024 02:56 PST- Details)

Presenting the Non-Slippage Bonnet, ideal for curly-haired ladies. The large, elastic tie band keeps everything in place all night, shielding your hair as you sleep. Constructed from two layers of premium silk satin, it retains moisture and shields your bedding from stains. The 2.7″ broadband maintains tidy edges while gripping wigs. Its 16-inch size and fashionable design make it ideal for all hair types.

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YANIBEST Satin Bonnet Silk Bonnet for Sleeping Double Layer Satin Lined Hair Bonnet with Tie Band Bonnets for Women Natural Curly Hair

Non-Slippage Bonnet

With a wide, stretchy tie band, the big satin bonnet will stay in place while you move a lot at sleep time, protecting your hair all night. The Band’s soft material will make you comfortable for extended wear.

Double Layers of Silk Satin

This reversible satin bonnet for sleeping has smooth silk and two layers of fade-resistant satin fabric silk. This makes it thick and high-quality, locking your leave-in oil inside overnight. No color or liquid will leak to stain the bedding.

Grip and protect wigs and edges

The 2.7″ wide and 58″ natural length band of the bonnet for curly hair grips wigs well, perfectly protects your hair while sleeping as a nightcap, and keeps your edge neat.

Large Room

It is a big, sizeable jumbo bonnet,16 inches, and is usable for big volume hair, long hair, curly hair, braid, crochet bonnet, locs, etc.

Stylish and wide-use

you can use a soft wideband on the hair satin bonnet to make a beautiful bow on the forehead. Also, as a side, the bright color of the satin sleep bonnet will match your pajamas cutely. Also it can make you stylish and keep your hair in order while doing yoga, gym, housework, makeup, sleeping, etc.

This is a fantastic gift idea for women with curly hair on any occasion.