Robot Vacuum and Mop Price: $ 399.99 (as of 23/06/2024 01:12 PST- Details)

Experience the Hands-Free Cleaning Bliss! With a 2.5L auto-empty base, this intelligent robot vacuum tackles dirt quietly. Boasting 4000Pa suction, 180 minutes runtime, LiDAR navigation, and Alexa compatibility, it’s the personalized, fun way to clean your floors and rules!

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45 Days of Hands-Free Cleaning

Fully automate your day-to-day cleaning to live more comfortably. An auto-empty base station quickly and quietly dumps dirt and dust into a 2.5L dust bag while preventing clogging to provide weeks of independent automated cleaning. All you have to do is dump the bag.

Cleans Strong, Cleans Long

A max suction pressure of 4000Pa easily lifts dirt from floors and deposits it into the 400mL dust box. 4 suction modes to choose from provide efficient, adaptable cleaning while a large, 5,200mAh battery delivers up to 180mins of continuous cleaning to cover even large homes in a single run.
High-Performance LiDAR Navigation: LiDAR laser navigation facilitates detailed, rapid map building and remarkable navigation. Fast, accurate map building and systematic path planning help ensure spots aren’t missed, and cleaning isn’t repeated.

Effective and Adjustable Mopping

Set your water usage to wash your floors precisely the way you want. A 150mL water tank and three water volume options let you adjust water usage and mop dampness according to how dirty the floor is for robust, efficient cleaning.

Cleans at your Command

Compatible with Alexa voice control to put automatic cleaning at the tip of your tongue. Just say the word to start, pause, or stop your robot vacuum and make automatic cleaning even more hands-off.

Customize your Clean

Customize your cleaning via the app by selecting cleaning modes, cleaning certain rooms, setting a virtual wall, placing a no-go zone, and more. Decide where and when your robot vacuum cleans and what spots to avoid to clean just as you want from the comfort of your phone. 2.4G Wi-Fi required.