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Meet Octobuddy, the revolutionary Silicone Suction Phone Case Adhesive Mount. Its 24 strong suction cups let it stick to windows, mirrors, and flat surfaces, making it ideal for hands-free selfies and films. Compatible with iPhone, Android, and other devices, this baby blue mount provides a firm hold for worry-free multimedia creation. Its robust, non-slip silicone pad allows for quick and easy installation, making it crucial for social media fans and influencers looking for professional-quality images and videos.

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Silicone Suction Phone Case Adhesive Mount – Hands-Free, Strong Grip Holder for Selfies & Videos – Durable, Easy to Use – iPhone & Android Compatible – 2.25″ x 3.25″, Baby Blue


An innovative phone holder with a suction cup system lets you stick your phone to a window, glass, mirror, or smooth surface to capture videos, photos, and other content hands-free.


Ensure the attachment surface is flat, soft, and clean. Please inspect the Octobuddy pad for damage and cleanliness before using it. Before letting go of the phone, ensure the Octobuddy pad has a proper hold on the surface. Don’t leave your phone unattended or attached to any surface for prolonged periods. We do not hold any responsibility for the damage caused by improper use of the Octobuddy pad.

A revolution in content creation:

24 suction cups grip mirrors, windows, and any smooth surface for steady, hands-free video and selfies with your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Note, and more

Unmatched durability:

Built to withstand your adventurous, on-the-go lifestyle, it provides a secure hold so you can spend less time worrying about it falling off and more time capturing great shots. Peel, attach, stick, and enjoy Quick, hassle-free attachment thanks to its non-slip silicone pad with adhesive backing and seamless application process.

Expand your creative potential:

Designed for social media enthusiasts and influencers, this mount helps you capture epic, professional-quality videos and photos for TikTok, Instagram, and more.

Versatile and practical:

Available in three sizes, this essential tool for anyone looking to up their content game is your ideal companion for travel, home, gym, or any content creation scenario.