Kojic Acid Face Wash

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Reveal Your Most Radiant Self

This genuine Kojic Acid Soap provides the most incredible skin makeover. Kojie San soap brightens and cleanses your complexion, reducing dark spots, freckles, stretch marks, and uneven skin tones. It is suitable for both genders, hydrates, and beautifies your skin from head to toe. It gently exfoliates, exposing beautiful, glowing skin thanks to its blend of glycerin, tea tree oil, and coconut oil. Embrace immaculate beauty with our genuine, original Japanese soap bar.

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Reveal your most radiant self.

Experience real kojic acid soap, which helps skin glow more and clearer. Kojie San soap reduces the visibility of dark spots, freckles, stretch marks, and other skin tone problems.

Flawless skin from head to toe

Our soap works wonders for all genders, moisturizes, and perfects skin appearance. It helps reduce hyperpigmentation and improve dark-looking skin on the inner thighs, face, neck, and underarms.

Lather in quality ingredients

We know how sensitive skin can be. This is why our soap contains glycerin, tea tree oil, coconut oil, and other natural ingredients to help exfoliate and achieve radiant, glowing skin.

Say goodbye to dark spots

Our soap has Zero Pigment Light Technology that targets areas that need extra care to achieve

Smoother glowing skin

Indeed, it is the perfect Japanese soap bar.

Home of the original Kojic Acid soap

Our formulation blends effective ingredients, revealing your inner beauty! Check the product’s authenticity with our Hidden Tag technology.