HiccAway Hiccup Straw

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With over 90% effectiveness, HiccAway, a pocket-sized hiccup treatment, quickly ends hiccups. It is dishwasher safe, created in the USA, clinically tested, and simple to use. It’s BPA—and drug-free, suitable for ages 1 to 99, and protected by a patent. It’s recommended by The Washington Post, WebMD, The Guardian, and National Geographic and is backed by a money-back guarantee. Get HiccAway relief right now.

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HiccAway Hiccup Straw Stops hiccups Fast

HICCAWAY is the most effective hiccup cure, with more than 90% effectiveness in clinical studies. With this small pocket-sized device, you can stop hiccups in minutes. If you need a simple hiccup remedy, then the HICCAWAY is your go-to product. How does it work? Hiccups are repeated cycles of spasms in the diaphragm followed by a sudden closure of the Glottis, which is, in fact, our vocal cords. The famous “HIC” sound of hiccups is due to the sudden closure of the Glottis by the vagus nerve. HICCAWAY is a scientific-based tool that requires forceful suction and swallowing of water.

The forced suction lowers the diaphragm by the activity of the “Phrenic” nerve. This nerve is one of the critical nerves that cause hiccups. Subsequently, when the water reaches the throat, the “Vagus” nerve closes the Epiglottis to avoid entering the water to our windpipe. The simultaneous activity of the “Phrenic” and “Vagus” nerves allows the brain to “reset” and stops the repeated cycle of spasms in the diaphragm, thus stopping hiccups.


HiccAway is a device that stops hiccups fast! Choose ADULT or CHILD (up to 20kg), and place HiccAway in a shallow glass of water. Sip forcefully, repeating 2-3 times without pausing.


The Journal of American Medical Association published a study showing that it is 92% effective. National Geographic, The Guardian, WebMD, and The Washington Post also published it, and Shark Tank (a deal made with Mark Cuban) showed it.


We are confident in our product and offer a money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied. Product is made in the USA and is covered by patent protection.
[DRUG & CHEMICAL FEE] This product does not use chemicals or drugs and is BPA-free. It is safe for ages 1 to 99.


The product is reusable, lightweight, and easy to carry.

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