Grandma Mother’s Day Gift Price: $ 9.99 (as of 16/06/2024 04:10 PST- Details)

Give Grandma the ultimate Mother’s Day surprise with the 2-Pocket Grandma’s Spot Throw Pillow! This personalized linen pillowcase boasts two convenient pockets, perfect for stashing essentials like remotes and glasses. With “Grandma’s Spot” boldly displayed, she can proudly claim her favorite seat. Plus, our engraved spoon adds an extra touch of love. Make her day with this thoughtful gift!

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Grandma Gifts, 2-Pocket Grandma’s Spot Throw Pillow 

This personalized gift basket is perfect for Mother’s Day Christmas gifts for Grandma, Gigi, and Nana. They’ll surely get a kick out of it. Get ready to get compliments from your Grandmother.

Two-pocket Design

This quality linen pillow case has two pockets, which is excellent for storing the remote control and glasses and hiding snacks, glasses, or whatever you need to have close.

Reserve the Seat

“Grandma’s Spot” is an excellent way for Grandma really to “reserve” their spot on the couch or porch chair!

Engraved Spoon

This cute spoon features engraved letters’ Grandma Ever’. Let her know she’s loved whenever she eats with the spoon!

Pillow Not Included

Please note that this is just an 18*18-inch pillowcase; the pillow is NOT included. For a complete look, please apply a 20*20-inch pillow to the insert or an 18*18-inch pillow for a relaxed fit.