Enormous inflatable rolling wheel

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Introducing the Giant Inflatable Wheel, a thrilling playtime attraction for kids of all ages! Its impressive dimensions – approximately 73″ OD, 67″ W, and 53″ ID – guarantee hours of entertainment and laughter. The unique design allows two kids to play simultaneously, creating fun-filled adventures and cherished memories. A perfect summer gift! It’s not just for land play; this versatile pool and lawn toy can be used on water too. Enjoy fast inflation and deflation with the innovative Valve System. Made with durable and eco-friendly PVC material, it meets international safety standards, ensuring a secure playtime experience for your kids.

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Giant Inflatable Wheel: When it comes to describing our inflatable rolling wheel, the word “Giant” truly does it justice. With impressive dimensions of approximately 73″ outer diameter, 67″ width, and 53″ inner diameter, this wheel stands out as a great, attention-grabbing playtime attraction. Its size alone guarantees hours of entertainment and laughter for kids of all ages.

But it’s not just its immense size that makes it so special; the unique design of this inflatable wheel sets it apart from the rest. The ingenious engineering allows not just one but two kids to play on it simultaneously, fostering camaraderie and fun-filled adventures. Parents can now witness their children enjoying shared play experiences and making cherished memories together. This inflatable rolling wheel is the perfect summer gift for kids.

Pool and Lawn Toy: The inflatable wheel not only can be played on Lawn, backyard, park, and beach but also on water; please play with the wheel under competent supervision. We suggest only one child get inside the wheel when your kid wants to play on the water. Otherwise, the wheel is easy to flip on its side.

Durable and inflates quickly: This was easy to use; finished with Fast of the Valve System, more than 5x faster inflation and deflation. The material is durable and holds up very well with your kids. With multi-colors, they are fun and pretty.

Safety for kids: The inflatable rolling wheel meets international toy standards, with CPSIA and CPC certificates, using eco-friendly, durable PVC material safe for kids.