Duel Car Launcher

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Looking for the ideal gift to keep your sons and children active and engaged? Look no farther than Stomp Rocket Duel Stomp Racers! With two toy car launchers, two air-powered cars, and a ramp with a finish line, the excitement never stops. Whether racing indoors or outdoors, these STEM gifts will keep boys and girls aged 5 to 8 entertained for hours. Furthermore, with no batteries required and simple installation, it’s hassle-free enjoyment for everyone. Give the gift of active play and STEM learning with Stomp Rocket, where fun meets education!

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Stomp Racers Air Powered Race Cars by Stomp Rocket, 2 Car Racer Pack – Dueling Stomp Racers Toy Car Launcher

Stomp Rocket Dueling Stomp Racers, Race Your Friends to the Finish- 2 Toy Car Launchers and 2 Air Powered Cars with Ramp and Finish Line. Great for Outdoor and Indoor Play, STEM Gifts for Boys and Girls -Ages 5, 6,7, 8. Run, Jump, and Stomp your way to active play! Stomp Rocket has stood the test of time with 30 years of quality and expertise.

Our rockets are designed for the most active stompers. The rocket launcher base is sturdy and durable, allowing for hours of endless outdoor play! Kids are independently entertained for hours with Stomp Rockets. These toy rockets, car, and plane launchers have been designed to fold for storage and travel quickly. They are 100% Kid-Powered, with no batteries required.

Perfect for birthday and holiday gifts. Our adjustable launcher allows kids to experiment with angles and force. Get kids interested in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Pair this set with a Stomp RocketStompin” Sciyouook. If you love Stomp Rockets, look at our Brand Store to see what other rocket sets your Stomp Rocket might be compatible with! Many of our stands and rockets can be used with one another.

Better yet, browse the catalog to see which Stomp Rocket products can be used for the whole family! Jr. Glow, Ultra, Ultra LED, and Stunt Planes can be commingled and used interchangeably with the same Rocket Launcher Stand! Also, our entire product selection offers safe toys for children ages 3 – 9 years + and ranges from Stomp Rockets to Race Cars, Planes, Magnetic Darts, Blow Darts, and more! The Stomp Rocket is a family-owned brand founded in 1993 in Minden, Nevada.

What started as a small business with the Original Stomp Rocket Toys has grown into a thriving company that sells over 7 million toys in the United States and internationally. Several generations of children have grown up with Stomp Rocket 100% kid-powered toys, earning parents’ trust and brand loyalty.


Race to the finish with Stomp Rocket Racers! Challenge your friends and see how fast your car will go. Use the ramp to perform astonishing tricks. This set includes two toy cars, a ramp, decals to design the car, and two Stomp Launchers. It is recommended for ages five and up.


Play inside or take the race outside to the park or on vacation. You’ll be amazed at how many friends and family want to play! It’s great for year-round fun and gets kids away from screen time and more active.


The launcher allows kids to play while experimenting with speed and force. Launch cars on a race to the finish line and start the journey into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) learning.


Stomp Racers is 100% kid-powered, which means no batteries are required, and there are no cords or plugs to fumble with.


For 30 years, Stomp Rocket has entertained kids worldwide through fun, active play, and STEM learning opportunities. Happy Stomping!