Handmade Dog Poncho

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Unleash your pet’s style with our One-of-a-Kind dog ponchos! Handmade from vibrant Mexican blankets, each piece is unique. Perfect fit for all sizes, accessible on/off with Velcro, and versatile for any occasion – reduce anxiety, keep warm, or strut in style. Fun, functional, and fabulous, buy now.

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Every one of our handmade dog ponchos is unique, as they are hand-cut from an authentic Mexican blanket. Your dog coat will look similar to the images above, but not the same.


Our sweater is designed to fit all puppies and dogs. Our seven sizes will fit teacups and small-sized dogs such as Yorkies, chihuahuas, and Frenchies, just as well as large and extra-large dogs such as labs, pit bulls, and large doodles. It will even fit cats!


Our custom handwoven serape blankets are created in Tlaxcala, Mexico. Velcro straps around the neck and chest allow for adjustability. Our shawls are extremely easy to put on and take off. Are we going for a walk? Each vest has a harness loop and won’t get in the way of your dog’s collar. The serape exterior is polyester and acrylic. The interior lining is polyester.


Does your pet get anxious during thunderstorms? Our cape wraps around the body, reducing animal stress. Does your pet get cold in the winter months? Our cloak acts as a portable jacket, creating warmth and comfort. It makes for a great Halloween costume, Cinco de Mayo outfit, and Christmas present. We designed this high-quality clothing to be fun, stylish, durable, functional, and lightweight.

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