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Experience quick recovery with our XL Large Cold Plunge Tub, a 110-gallon portable ice bathtub, perfect for cold water therapy. Check it out!
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Ice Bath Tub, XL Large Cold Plunge Tub for Cold Water Therapy Recovery, 110 Gal Portable Ice Bathtub Athletes Adult at Home Outdoor, Foldable Inflatable tub with Cover and Lid

Six layers of polyvinyl chloride, aluminum film, thick pearl cotton, waterproof nylon, etc.
35.4 x 29.5 inches, which provides plenty of space for people. The large size is suitable for outdoor ice bathtubs. It is perfect for travel, hotel, outdoor, and RV showers. It is stable and does not sag.

Quick Recovery

The ice plunge tub is a natural and effective way to speed up recovery after intense workouts or competitions. The cold plunge tub with water chiller provides a refreshing cold bath that reduces muscle soreness and inflammation and boosts immunity. Our ice bathtub for athletes promotes faster recovery and improves circulation.

6-Layer Insulation and Large Capacity

Built with six layers of durable materials, including PVC, aluminum film, thick pearl cotton, and waterproof nylon, our foldable bathtub keeps 95% cold for 4 hours. With an upgraded capacity of 416L (110 gallons), the ice pod is suitable for individuals up to 6’96’9 “6’9”, convenient and Portable.

The inflatable ice bath water chiller is lightweight, compact when folded, and travel-friendly, with an included carry bag. It is perfect for indoor gyms, outdoor competition venues, or home fitness spaces. Enjoy the benefits of cold water plunge tub therapy wherever you go.

Easy Assembly and Clean

The collapsible bathtub adult is easy to install and clean. It takes just minutes to set up. It has a retractable 75 cm long drain hose and drain valve for easy emptying. The cold tub’s smooth surface and white lining design make it easy to see and clean dirty stains.

Year-Round Benefits

The adult portable tub has a protective cover to prevent debris from entering the water and an inflatable thermal cover to keep the water cold and clean. Whether in the hot summer or the cold winter months, our ice tubs for cold plunge provide a versatile and effective solution that allows you to enjoy the benefits of an ice bath all year round.