Digital Targets Shooting Game Price: $ 26.99 (as of 17/06/2024 07:23 PST- Details)

Present your children the best birthday present ever: the BAODLON Digital Shooting Targets! This kit comes with 40 soft darts, two foam dart toy guns, and an electronic scoring system with auto-reset. Ages 5 and up may enjoy hours with its lifelike sound and light features. Children may play in a safe, exciting environment while competing for the highest score. This present will excite young shooters, perfect for family get-togethers and birthday celebrations.

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BAODLON Digital Shooting Targets with Foam Dart Toy Gun, Electronic Scoring Auto Reset 4 Targets, Shooting Game Toys Gifts for Age of 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10+ Years Old Kids, Boys, Compatible with 2 Toy Gun

Astonishing Combination Shooting Target 

New design, 1 Target Shooting Gallery, 2 Foam Dart Toy Guns, 2 Dart Clips, 40 Soft Foam Darts, 4 Shooting Targets. Also, our Electric digital shooting target for toy guns is straightforward for kids to operate and compatible with Toy Guns and Other Brands’ Blaster. MorFunun from 4 targets practice and challenges.

Auto Reset Target System and Update Electronic Scoring 

In addition, the four targets will automatically rebound into position after 3 seconds when all are hit down. Hit one target to get one point, and the score will be displayed on the LCD digital scoreboard. The reset target will also attract the kids to continue shooting toward the targets, take turns competing for a high score, and keep the shooting game fun.

Realistic Sound & Light Sensory Enjoyments 

The targets are responsive to each hit with the sound of gunshots and broken glass. The light also flashes at the same time, encouraging the shooter. Moreover, it makes you excited and gives you immersive shooting enjoyment. Even adults will like to play shooting games for fun.

Complete accessories With Toy Gun

The digital shooting targets are made of environmentally friendly, safe material to ensure safe play. Our Electric Scoring Target Set comes with two high-quality toy guns. Twenty foam darts provide lots of extra firepower and ammo. You can play directly with the target toy and quickly get morFunun from the target game.

Gift For Kids

Moreover, gun targets are a good choice for boys, kids, and girls’ Birthday or Holiday gifts. They are toys for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13-year-old boys—ideal gifts for Birthday Parties, Family Gatherings, or Outdoor Entertainment with Parents.