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The Cold Pod Ice Bath Tub for Athletes is ideal for sports enthusiasts looking to rehabilitate. It comprises numerous layers of robust, waterproof materials and provides cold water therapy at home. With a suggested temperature range of 3°C to 15°C, it reduces muscular discomfort, accelerates recovery, and boosts immunity. It is lightweight and portable, suitable for 6ft 7in athletes. It’s simple to set up and maintain, making it great for everyday usage.

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The Cold Pod Ice Bath Tub for Athletes with Cover: 88 Gallons Cold Plunge Tub for Recovery, Multiple Layered Portable Ice Bath Plunge Pool


Multiple-layered Ice Tub

The Cold Pod cold water therapy tub is engineered from multiple layers of robust, waterproof, and tear-resistant materials. This freestanding cold plunge features a PVC inner layer, a Nylon outer layer, and pearl foam in the middle layer. The recommended temperature for cold water immersion is between 3°C and 15°C, with a mean temperature of 11°C.


Reap the benefits of cold water immersion from the comfort of your home with The Cold Pod recovery pod-ice bath. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, this Multiple-layered cold plunge tub comes with a lid so that you can immerse, cover, and repeat anytime and anywhere with our sports ice bathtub for recovery.


An easy way to make cold therapy a staple in your daily wellness routine, The Cold Pod portable bathtub features a lightweight and compact design. Designed to fit most body types while allowing you to sit upright, the cold tub is recommended for people up to 6ft 7in (2.1m) in height.


This ice bathtub for athletes is a form of cryotherapy – in which the individual sits in ice water following physical exertion. Cold water immersion has been shown to facilitate many benefits after athletic performance, including rapid recovery, decreased muscle soreness, reduced injury, and increased immunity.


The Cold Pod Ice Bath requires little maintenance and has a reassuringly easy drainage system. Turn the drain on the Easy Flow Drainage System at the bottom of the ice bath, rinse the ice pod, and replace the water every four weeks or as preferred. A water stabilizer or UV purifier can maintain water cleanliness.