Airtag Wallet Holder 2 Pack Price: $ 9.59 (as of 18/06/2024 22:29 PST- Details)

The ULTRA-THIN Airtag Wallet Card Holder is a sleek and stylish accessory that effortlessly blends functionality with aesthetics. It is fragile and lightweight, measuring a mere 0.1 inches thick and weighing 7.8 grams, ensuring minimal bulk in your wallet or bag. Crafted with precision, this card holder is designed to perfectly accommodate an Apple AirTag, seamlessly integrating technology with everyday life. The DESIGN INSPIRATION behind its elegant form draws from the graceful water ripples, symbolizing boundless opportunities and good fortune for its users.

This Airtag Wallet Card Holder offers a hassle-free experience in terms of SAFETY and PRACTICALITY. Press your AirTag into the holder, and it easily slides into your wallet like a credit card. This keeps your purse free from any unsightly AirTag imprints and prevents your cards from bending around the AirTag, ensuring their longevity and usability. Durability is paramount, and the cardholder lives up to this expectation, constructed from high-quality ABS+PC materials that remain sturdy and resilient. Importantly, it maintains the AirTag’s signal reception capabilities so that you can track your belongings without compromise.

The WIDE USE of this Airtag Wallet Card Holder extends its functionality beyond wallets, making it versatile for various purposes. It can be used in handbags, backpacks, business card holders, ID bags, clutch bags, and more, ensuring that your possessions are protected and easily locatable wherever you go. With its thin profile, innovative design, and high-quality construction, this Airtag Wallet Card Holder is the perfect blend of form and function for the modern individual.

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Airtag Wallet Card Holder is only 0.1 inches thick and weighs only 7.8g, making it extremely thin and light. The card is compatible with apple airtag.


The design is inspired by water ripples, symbolizing unlimited opportunities and good luck.

Safety and Practical

Press the Airtag lightly into the Airtag Wallet Card Case, and the Airtag can be easily slid into the wallet like a credit card. It also keeps your purse from getting a weird AirTag imprint and your cards from getting bent around the AirTag. You don’t have to worry about it being deformed or broken easily during use.


Airtag wallet case is made of high-quality ABS+PC, sturdy and durable material. It will still not affect its receiving signal.


Airtag wallet holder can be used for wallets, handbags, Backpack, business card holders, ID bags, Clutch bags, etc.