AI Smart Bird Feeder Price: $ 169.99 (as of 10/07/2024 05:02 PST- Details)

Gift Idea for Birdwatchers: NETVUE Smart Bird Feeder with Camera

Enhance your birdwatching experience with the NETVUE Smart Bird Feeder. This innovative feeder has a 1080P camera that auto-captures and identifies over 6000 bird species. Receive real-time notifications via the phone app and enjoy clear, close-up shots, even at night. Store and share photos and videos effortlessly. Its bird-friendly design and large capacity make it a perfect gift for birdwatchers, ensuring you never miss a feathered visitor.

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AI Smart Bird Feeder

Watch Birds On Your Phone Anywhere, Anytime. NETVUE smart bird feeder with a camera can auto-capture & Identify all coming birds, and you will receive real-time notifications of feather visitors via the phone app. This revolutionary intelligent bird detective camera lets you close up shots full of character and provides the best experience to upgrade your birdwatching journey. You will never miss out, feather friends.

Free AI Forever to Identify 6000+ Bird Species. Do you want to know what species of the detected birds are? This intelligent bird feeder camera is the world’s leading AI algorithm that recognizes more than 6000 types and species of birds for you. With the recognition result, you can look up further details and introduce the bird species in the Netvue app. Meanwhile, it can accurately identify squirrels, and you can drive away squirrels by flashlight, siren” or say” Go away” through the microphone.

See Birds Clearly with 1080P Color Night Vision. With 1080P High resolution, this bird feeder camera lets you get the best shots of images and video in color, even at night. You can see birds clearly in a selfie-like perspective and capture close-up details with 8X magnification, such as their feathers. Moreover, with a 5dBi antenna, the camera supports a more stable 2.4ghz Wi-Fi connection, so you will never worry about losing the signal and missing a moment of bird visitors.

Free Store and Share Birds Photo & Video. The NETVUE Birdfy bright bird camera will auto-capbirds’he birds’ movement as images or videos and store them in the Netvue Cloud for up to 30 days for free. You can extend it by subscription or SD card. It supports smartphones/tablets/computers, so you can easily organize the lovely moments into a beautiful collection to admire and share with your friends and family. What a perfect gift for bird lovers.

Patent Bird-friendly Design. The birdhouse camera is designed professionally as a beautiful home for backyard birds. It is IP65 weatherproof with a firm stand, making it a solid house for birds. The 1.5L large capacity container can store enough food for birds, so you don’t need to add bird food. Don’t worry about mold due to the waterproof feature. These bird-friendly features will attract all kinds of birds. Just enjoy your upgraded birdwatching journey on our phone app.