1000-Lumen Keychain Flashlight

Amazon.com Price: $ 56.95 (as of 12/06/2024 21:14 PST- Details)

Introducing the RovyVon Aurora A28, the perfect keychain flashlight for those who demand performance and portability. The second generation A28 has been upgraded with a USB-C charging port, making it easy and convenient to set on the go with your phone charger, laptop, quick charge power bank, or wall charger. The upgraded battery capacity of 850mAh provides a longer runtime of up to 152 hours in the moonlight mode, making it always ready to go when needed.

Featuring a dual-button design, the A28 is easy to operate, with the top button controlling the front emitter and the bottom button containing the sidelight. The front emitter is equipped with a 6500K cool white LED, delivering a maximum brightness of 1000 lumens, making it ideal for running, camping, and walking at night.

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✅【USB-C Rechargeable Flashlight】: The 2nd generation of RovyVon Aurora A28 keychain flashlight is upgraded to a USB-C charging port that is more convenient nowadays; you can set your RovyVon A28 with your phone charger, laptop, quick charge power bank, and wall charger, fast and simple.
✅【Upgraded Battery Longer Runtime】: The battery capacity of the upgraded A28 has increased to 850mAh for a longer runtime compared to the older version. The max runtime is 152 hours at the moonlight mode (0.5 lumens). One-time charging supports such a long runtime, always ready to go.
✅【Easy Operation Super Bright Light】: RovyVon upgraded A28 has a dual button design, making the interface more straightforward. The top button is for the front emitter, and the bottom is for the sidelight. It is equipped with a 6500K cool white front emitter, delivering a max brightness of 1000 lumen. Super bright for night running, camping, and walking at night.
✅【Small Flashlight with Versatile Sidelights】: Upgraded Aurora A28 features three different sidelights, white, red, and 365nm light. Warm white sidelight performs well on color and is an excellent choice for reading lamps. Red sidelight for signal, perfect for night running, walking dogs, or emergencies. 365nm for authenticating currency.
✅【Momentary On and Instant Access to Moonlight】: Direct access to the Momentary On and Moonlight mode from off. Pressing the bottom button from any status would quickly get to the brightest way when an emergency occurred. A single click top button can access the Moonlight mode. 0.5 lumen, very dim light when you need a little light and don’t want to disturb your family.