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How to get simple distinctive new year’s gifts

It’s that time when we feel the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new chapter. It’s that time of planning the resolutions and setting the goals for the year ahead of us. It’s a time for hoping for a better future, wishing the unknown would be beautiful and kind to us, despite the expected downs of life. When it hits 12:00 and the fireworks start lighting up the skies, you close your eyes and wish everyone you love stays safe and happy. And what could be a better way to make someone happy on new year’s eve than to bring them a gift and tell them how much you appreciate them? If you are looking for simple yet distinctive new year’s gifts, here are 4 lovely choices.

1- bobby creativity 2023 wooden desk calendar

What could be a better way to start the new year than to be organised and keep track of it? With the uniquely three dimensional hexagon shaped calendar, you can see all months and days of the year at once, engraved in the wood. Delivered in a wooden box as well, perfect for the office!

2-workman calendars 365 new words a year calendar

Does your partner or family member like knowledge? If you have anybody who is passionate about language and learning, this gift might be a great choice! With this 100% recyclable calendar, this person can learn new content each day, with all kinds of word topics, from the editors of the famous dictionary Merriam Webster themselves! What more could they want!

3- Cealxheny new year’s eve earrings

Wanna look distinctive yet stylish at the same time? The new year’s eve earrings do exactly that! These lightweight sparkly earrings will bring a lot of shine to the new year’s eve party. Made with rhinestones, beads or alloy to light up the night. Amazing for the new year’s night out with your girlfriend!

4-umoni new year’s eve treat boxes

How are you planning on carrying your new year’s gift? These recycable party treat boxes come in a pack of 12 with 2 patterns. Easy to assemble, they are made with premium quality paper to hold your treats safely, such as snacks, candies, cupcakes and cookies. Perfect for the party!

How to choose a good new year’s gift ?

New year’s is all about the spirit of closing a cycle and the beginning of a new cyle. Everybody begins the year with the excitement and the enthusiasm of wanting to make a difference in their lives. Supporting the enthusiasm of your friends and family members will surely be memorable and essential in choosing their new year’s present. With that said, here are some tips to help you pick a suitable new year’s present.

  • Bring them a souvenir that reminds them of their goals for this year so they can also recall their excitement every time they see it. If you can participate with your friend or family member’s new year new me vibe, make sure you do so.
  • Make sure the gift reminds them of you: If you are gifting a special person (in which case we will assume you are), it would be really unique if they remember you every time they look at the gift. That’s how you stand out from the rest.
  • Probably be the most important tip of all would be to bring them something that you know, will definitely put a smile on their faces. You know this person and their quirks, so consequently, you most likely also know what this gift could be. After all, we want to start the year with a smile don’t we!



  • When was the first time new year’s was celebrated?

The first time celebrating new year’s was 4,000 years ago by the emperor of Rome Julius Caesar, who was the first person to declare the 1st of January, an actual holiday.

  • What are other names for new year’s eve?

Other names for this occasion are “old year’s day” and “Saint Sylvester’s day”.

  • What are some new year’s traditions arround the world?

Some traditions include: eating 12 grapes (spain), keeping the lights up all night (Philippines), and hanging an onion on the front doors (greece)


Bottom line

The main focus of this occasion is to celebrate what we have right now, and to wish for a better future and act on that wish. Be close to the people you love, bring the gifts (no matter what they are just bring them), gather up and feel the joy of this wheel turning day.

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