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Trendy Beard Styles to Try in 2024

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Last Updated on July 3, 2024

Hello, fellow beard grooming enthusiasts! Are you ready to improve your grooming routine and test new beard styles? If you’re anything like me, you realize that a well-groomed beard can make a huge difference in your appearance. Whether you want a rugged, manly image or a polished, elegant feel, choosing the appropriate beard style is essential. This article delves deep into current beard styles, covering everything from the classic Verdi to the modern Beckham beard. So grab your grooming supplies, and let’s start improving your appearance. After extensively researching trendy beard styles to try, I compiled this article. We hope you enjoy reading it and find it helpful.

Understanding the Impact of Beard Styles

Let’s start by discussing why beard styles matter. A beard can keep your face warm in the winter and save time shaving, but it does much more. Your beard is an expression of your personality and style.

I recall when I initially began experimenting with different beard styles. I was shocked by how much it improved my appearance and confidence. Whether you want to project a gruff logger vibe or a slick, corporate image, your beard can help you express yourself in various ways. Regularly caring for your beard can impact your look and style. For example, nourish and moisturize your beard with this all-natural beard oil and conditioner, formulated to promote healthy growth and soften coarse hairs. My guide on trendy beard styles in 2024 is comprehensive and covers all beard types. I hope you enjoy reading it and find it helpful.

Exploring trendy beard styles to try in 2024

Now, let’s take a deeper look at some of the most popular beard styles:

(1) Verdi Beard

The Verdi beard is a classic option for anyone looking to make a statement. Named after the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, this style has a thick, well-groomed beard and a well-trimmed mustache. It’s classy yet bold, ideal for men with long hair and beards who want to stand out. I recommend the All In One Beard Wahl Trimmer to groom this beard. This trimmer comes with self-sharpening precision blades for superior styling and Interchangeable trimmer heads for beards, mustache trimming, haircut touchups, body grooming, and detailing.

(2) Sideburn Beard

The sideburn beard is an excellent choice for those looking to add a touch of retro charm to their appearance. This style features thick, well-defined sideburns and a beautifully groomed beard, resulting in a timeless, rugged look. It’s popular among history nerds and hipsters alike. Combing this type of beard is hard, so try unbreakable pocket-size beard & mustache combs to help you style your sideburns and beard. 

(3) Mustache Goatee

Are you looking for a beard style that’s stylish and sophisticated? Enter the mustache goatee. This style combines a well-trimmed goatee with a well-groomed mustache to create a polished, effortlessly cool appearance. It’s popular with corporate types and creative professionals. Check out this mustache wax for a firm hold on thick, stylish mustaches.

(4) Garibaldi Beard

If you like a more relaxed, bohemian look, the Garibaldi beard might suit you. This style has a big, untidy beard and a slightly rounded bottom, giving off a comfortable, carefree vibe. It’s popular with both free spirits and beach bums. To nourish this untidy, thick beard, we found that Kalahari Melon oil and vitamin E—Beard oil is the best to hydrate and condition your Garibaldi’s beard. 

(5) Corporate Beard

The corporate beard is ideal for people who wish always to maintain a sharp and professional appearance. This style has a well-trimmed beard, clean lines, and simple styling for an experienced, business-friendly appearance. It’s popular among business executives and entrepreneurs who want to leave a lasting impression. This type of beard requires constant clean lines on the edges, so try this beard-shaping tool for men. It’s perfect as a beard lineup guide and ideal for styling and edging.

(6) Cantinflas Mustache

Inspired by the great Mexican actor Mario Moreno’s “Cantinflas,” this mustache style is strong, unique, and full of personality. With its broad, curved shape and exaggerated length, the Cantinflas mustache will surely draw attention wherever you go. It’s a favorite among comedy fans and eccentrics alike.

(7) Beckham Beard

Few style icons can compare to David Beckham. His characteristic beard style, an ideally kept blend of stubble and scruff, is effortlessly cool and constantly adaptable. The Beckham beard is always on point whether you’re going to the gym or out for a night on the town. This type of beard usually has empty spots, so the beard pen filler is waterproof and instantly covers bard bold spots. 

(8) 5mm Beard

Sometimes, less is more. The 5mm beard, often known as the “five o’clock shadow,” encourages you to embrace and highlight your natural stubble. With its short length and slightly disheveled appearance, this beard style communicates rustic appeal and casual confidence. It’s popular among men who desire a low-maintenance appearance that nevertheless carries an impact. I found this Beard Growth Kit to be the perfect gift idea for someone with this type of beard. It’s ideal as an all-in-one beard product package. 

(9) 3mm Beard

The 3mm beard style is ideal for those who want a clean-cut and sophisticated look. This style includes a short, nicely groomed beard long enough to provide texture and depth to your face. It’s popular among men who desire a subtle yet trendy style that works for any occasion.

(10) Viking Beard

The Viking beard is distinguished by its extensive length, reaching several inches or even feet in extreme cases. This length heightens the beard’s imposing presence and creates a genuinely fearsome image. Unlike more rigorously manicured beard styles, the Viking beard promotes a natural and voluminous appearance. Thick, dense growth is encouraged, resulting in a bushy, mighty beard that attracts attention. Try the Viking Revolution beard wash & beard conditioner set to keep this type of beard clean.

Trendy Beard Styles to Try in 2024. you can find. find it on

Matching Beard Styles with Fashion and Personality

Now that we’ve covered some of the trendiest beard styles let’s discuss how to pair them with your fashion sense and personality.

1. Classic Styles for Timeless Appeal

If you’re a fan of classic menswear and timeless fashion, you can’t go wrong with beard styles like the Verdi beard or the sideburn beard. These styles exude old-school charm and sophistication, making them perfect for guys who appreciate vintage style.

2. Modern Looks for Contemporary Cool

If you like staying ahead of the curve, beard styles like the Beckham or 5mm may be more your thing. These styles are about keeping up with the newest trends and giving your outfit a modern edge.

3. Express Yourself with Personality

Ultimately, your beard reflects your personality. Whether sporting a rough Garibaldi beard or a polished corporate beard, the most essential thing is selecting a style that makes you feel secure and comfortable in your skin. Be bold and try out different looks once you find the one right.

There, you have everything you need to know about trendy beard styles to try in 2024 and how to enhance your appearance with different fashionable beard styles. Whether you want classic sophistication or contemporary cool, there is a beard style for everyone. So, get your grooming equipment and start experimenting until you discover the appearance that suits you. Trust me, your future self will appreciate it. Or, if you want a perfect gift for someone with a beard, I recommend the FULLLIGHT TECH Beard Kit for grooming & care. It comes with a beard wash, 3 Packs of beard oil, a beard balm comb, and brush scissors.

Remember, grooming is more than simply looking good; it’s also about feeling good. So embrace your beard, own your style, and allow your uniqueness to shine. I hope you enjoyed my blog post on trendy beard styles in 2024. Happy grooming!

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