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10 Creative Crafts to Keep Kids Busy on Easter Sunday

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Last Updated on July 4, 2024

If you’re looking for activities to keep the kids entertained and spark their creativity, you’re in the right place. I’m here, your friendly online shopping expert, to guide you through “Eggstraordinary Fun” – a list of 10 creative crafts to keep kids busy on easter Sunday with cool crafts that will make your kids’ Easter break unforgettable.

Crafts for Easter Sunday

Craft #1

Easter Egg Decorating Delight

Our artistic adventure begins with the traditional Easter egg decorating spectacular! These unique egg decorating kits are something I recently discovered online, and they are revolutionary. They not only have all you need, but they also have exciting themes, including dinosaur patterns and cosmic eggs. Enjoy the holiday with the whole family in what amounts to a miniature Easter celebration in a box. This Easter egg decoration kit is super fun and easy to use.

Easter Egg Decorating Kit

The EggMazing Easter Egg Mini Decorator Kit Arts and Crafts Set - Includes Egg Decorating Spinner and 6 Markers [Packaging May Vary]

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Craft #2

Bunny Bonanza: DIY Easter Bunny Masks

Let’s start on project number two: the homemade Easter bunny masks. Just picture happy children wearing gorgeous masks of bunnies, and you’ll see why I’m enthusiastic about this one. Last Easter, I attempted it with my niece, and she not only looked great making hers, but she also wore hers with pride at our virtual family Easter meeting. Talk to your family about sharing the happiness. These DIY Easter bunny masks are for boys and girls ages 3-10; they are fun and exciting.

DIY Bunny Mask Craft Kit

Kepeel 24 Packs Easter Bunny Mask Craft Kit for Kids, Easter DIY Art Bunny Mask Crafts for Boys Girls Ages 3-5, 4-8, 8-10, Spring Easter Classroom Game Activities Project Party Decorations Favors Gift

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Craft #3

Create Your Own Easter Chicks

Who could resist those adorable Easter chicks now? The third craft is all about making your feathered companions. Whether you make these lovely tiny chicks out of felt or paper, they are a great way to improve your fine motor skills. A clear winner was my friend’s daughter, who couldn’t stop flaunting her chick squad to everyone.

Paint Your Bunny

KATOOM Easter DIY Painting Kit, Paint Your Own Bunny Lamp Kit Easter Chick Night Light Arts and Crafts for Kids Boys Girls Ages 4-12 Easter Birthday Gift Room Decoration

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Craft #4

Easter-themed Origami Adventure

If your kids are into some paper-folding magic, Craft Four is just the ticket. We’re diving into an Easter-themed origami adventure! Not only is it a delight to see those paper shapes come to life, but the cognitive benefits for the kids are just as impressive. My nephew surprised us all with a paper bunny that could rival any store-bought Easter decor.

Origami Paper Stars DIY Bunny Rabbits

540 Sheets Origami Paper Stars DIY Bunny Rabbits Pattern Hand Crafts Origami Lucky Star Paper Folding Origami Star Paper Strips for Paper Arts Crafts,Easter,Christmas (A)

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Craft #5

Easter-themed Puzzle Palooza

Puzzles, puzzles, puzzles! Craft number five is all about the puzzle palooza. I recently discovered a plethora of Easter-themed puzzles for various age groups online. It’s not just about the fun – the cognitive and problem-solving skills these puzzles develop are a bonus. Plus, let’s be honest; assembling a bunny-shaped puzzle is way more exciting than a regular square one.

Easter Floor Puzzles for Kids

CiyvoLyeen Easter Floor Puzzles for Kids Large Bunny Eggs Jigsaw Puzzles Double Sided St. Patrick's Day Floor Puzzle Toys Toddlers Ages 3 and up Easter Gifts Party Favors 70 Pieces 22"

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Craft #6

Springtime Scrapbook Spectacle

The sixth craft is a Springtime Scrapbook Spectacle that takes us on an emotional journey! A few years ago, my daughter and I completed a similar project, and that scrapbook has since grown to be a treasured family memento. Making lifelong memories is what matters more than mastering the crafts. Easter is a great time to start, too.

Easter Sunday Scrapbook

"Easter Sunday (Purple)" Scrapbook Page Kit

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Craft #7

Easter Egg Carton Creations

Let’s get green now with Easter Egg Carton Creations, craft number seven! I adore how this project encourages kids’ creativity and teaches them to reuse items. We created a miniature zoo out of plain egg cartons, and my niece proudly displayed her handcrafted creations on our Easter dinner table.

Egg Cartons for Easter Egg

Half Dozen Colored Egg Cartons 24 Pack, Natural Pulp Paper Egg Cartons 6 Count for Chicken Eggs Reusable, Blank Colorful Easter Toy Color Storage Tray for Holds Up to Six 6 Egg Holder Basket Cardboard

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Craft #8

Colorful Canvas Creations

Craft eight is all about unleashing the inner artist with Colorful Canvas Creations. I found these fantastic Easter-themed canvas painting kits online that brought out the Picasso in my kids. The therapeutic benefits of art are indeed something to marvel at, and the vibrant paintings now grace our living room walls.

Easter-themed Canvas Painting

SENQAO Rabbit Diamond Painting Kits, 5D DIY Flowers Diamond Painting Kit Full Drill Diamond Art for Adults Kids Paint by Diamond Kits Easter Bunny Diamond Painting Rabbit 12x16inch

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Craft #9

Egg-cellent Beading Bonanza

For our ninth craft, we’re diving into an Egg-cellent Beading Bonanza. Beads and kids – it’s a match made in crafty heaven! Not only does this activity enhance fine motor skills, but it’s also an excellent opportunity for kids to express themselves. My friend’s son created a beaded Easter necklace that stole the show at their family gathering.

Easter Bead Set

Easter Fuse Bead Kit, 8,000 Pieces (12 Colors)- Makes 8 Easter Bunny & Egg Designs -Create DIY Easter Gifts & Decorations -Works w Perler Beads, Art Craft Project, Kids Birthday Party Activity

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Craft #10

Easter Storytime: DIY Storybook

Finally, Craft Ten invites you to the Easter Storytime: DIY Storybook project. Envision your children writing their Easter stories and proudly bringing them to the family. Developing their storytelling abilities and imagination in addition to the art is essential. Who needs TV when you have such creative stories? My neighbor’s daughter captivated us all with her tale of a daring Easter bunny.

Blank Books for Crafts

Hygloss Products White Blank Books – Great Books for Journaling, Sketching, Writing & More – Fun for Arts & Crafts - 8.5 x 11 Inches - 100 Pack (77801)

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There you have it – our Eggstraordinary 10 creative crafts to keep kids busy on easter sunday, guaranteed to be a Fun crafting adventure! These crafts aren’t just about keeping the kids busy; they’re about creating moments, fostering creativity, and spreading joy. As a casual craft enthusiast and online shopping expert, I’ve scoured the web to bring you these gems that will make this Easter break extraordinary.

Check the links throughout the article to make your shopping experience smoother. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, or a friendly neighbor looking for the perfect gift, these crafts will surely add a sprinkle of creativity to your Easter celebrations. Happy crafting!

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