Star Wars Beware The Darkside Price: $ 29.95 (as of 18/06/2024 22:22 PST- Details)

Discover the ultimate Star Wars fan’s dream with JoyJolt Star Wars Glassware! Crafted to perfection, this set of glass cups brings the Force to your drinks. The iconic Darth Vader design featuring a Stormtrooper front and Darth back makes a bold statement of might and loyalty.

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Feel the Force With JoyJolt Star Wars Gifts!

Make drinks that are out this world – but beware the darkside with this glass cups set, celebrating the Galactic Empire in glassware! This Darth Vader glass features a Stormtrooper front and Darth back in a dual-art statement of might and loyalty.

The Premium JoyJolt Glassware You Love, Made Just for Star Wars Fans.

We turned our favorite Cosmos Highball Tumbler Glasses into a Star Wars cup so you can mix up a Darth Diet Pop! Each drinking glass is wide and tall and holds 18.5oz! Enough to refresh the dark side.

Extra Wide Base

You’ll love how these drinking glasses feel. They’re effortless for kids to hold, but the weighted bottom on these juice glasses gives a satisfying heft – unlike novelty bar glasses. So when you raise a toast, you’ll feel the force of gravity-weighted glassware!

Strong and Won’t Scratch

Not every crystal tumbler glass is suited for everyday use but like all JoyJolt drinkware these are durable and designed to be enjoyed every day. We used the finest quality crystal and fired artwork decals that are also dishwasher safe so your collectible glassware set is always like new.

Unboxing The Dark Side

This Highball Glass Set is part of the JoyJolt Star Wars range of glass drinking glasses – Securely gift boxed Star Wars gifts with a 12 Month Guarantee. Order yours now.