Shredskinz Sauna Suit Price: $ 28.95 (as of 23/06/2024 01:54 PST- Details)

Introducing Shredskinz, your ticket to becoming a weight loss machine! Our versatile sauna suit promotes maximum perspiration, boosts body temperature, and eliminates toxins. With one size fits most, adjustable drawstrings, and top-grade materials, it’s the perfect gift for fitness enthusiasts. Get ready to sweat, stay hydrated, and crush your goals!

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An innovative way to sweat FAST. With our 5/10 pack of Shredskinz, we encourage you to include it in your training or everyday activities! Maximize your workout! STAY HYDRATED! (One size fits MOST).


By wearing our sauna suit, you will promote perspiration production and increase your body temperature while eliminating toxins and burning calories to achieve your weight loss goals faster.


Our sauna suit is ideal for indoor and outdoor activities and all fitness levels, enabling you to get the most out of your workout, sauna session, or any other fitness activity.


Our sauna suit comes with adjustable drawstrings around the neck and waist, allowing you to customize the fit for optimal comfort and mobility. Pull on with elastic around the wrist to stay firmly around your arms.

Top-Grade Material

Our sauna suit is made of high-quality, durable, and lightweight material to maximize sweating and ensure you get the best results.


The perfect gift for that busy & motivated person in your life, whether it’s biking, hiking, weight lifting, running, marathons, soccer, basketball, tennis, football, hockey, golfing, or other sports fanatic in your life.

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