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Introducing the Neck and Shoulder Relaxer – the ultimate solution for neck pain relief in just 10 minutes a day! Ergonomically designed to match your cervical spine, it offers vertical and horizontal support, reducing spinal pressure and restoring the C-shaped curve of your neck. Portable, comfortable, and practical – a fantastic gift idea!

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Help relieve neck pain in just 10 minutes a day.

The neck and shoulder relaxer is ergonomic in design; the curve of the neck relaxer matches the cervical spine. When you lie down, it offers vertical and horizontal support and Curvature stretch for neck traction, allowing the cervical traction pillow to position the head to reduce spinal pressure, support the cervical spine, and help restore the C-shaped curve of the neck.

Restclouds stretch (traction) your neck, relieving neck pain and headaches. They are portable, comfortable, and easy to use. All you have to do is lay down on it, relax, and feel the stretch! Simple and effective physical solutions to soothe stiff necks help restore cervical curvature associated with consistent use. Cervical neck stretchers can be used on hard surfaces, such as home floors, outdoor flat ground, yoga mats, etc. It can’t be used as an ordinary pillow all night long., 10 minutes per time, no more than 30 minutes daily.

This neck stretcher should never cause pain; however, slight discomfort may initially be felt when using this device. There are many varying conditions of the cervical spine; improper application or excessive time on this device may aggravate an existing condition or cause additional injury. If you feel pain, numbness, or dizziness, immediately discontinue using the device and consult with your healthcare professional.

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