Grow A Boyfriend Gag Gift Price: $ 7.99 (as of 20/06/2024 23:05 PST- Details)

Introducing the “Grow a Boyfriend” by Forum Novelties – Your Ideal Companion!

Are you tired of finding partners who fall asleep on you or get lost in the world of video games? Look no further! With our “Grow a Boyfriend,” you can create the perfect companion to keep you company.

Here’s how it works: drop the “Grow a Boyfriend” into the water, and be amazed as he expands to up to 6 times his original size. Within just 2 hours, you’ll notice him starting to grow, and in 72 hours, he’ll reach his full size. It’s like magic!

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Grow a Boyfriend that doesn`t fall asleep or play video games. He is the perfect companion! Drop him in water and watch as he grows up to 6 times his original size. Forum Novelties Boyfriend will begin to grow after 2 hours and will reach full size in 72 hours. The boyfriend will slowly shrink when removed from the water. Then, you can grow it again and again.