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Discover the scented magic of the Crayola Color Wonder Light-Up Stamper! Let kids explore mess-free stamping with the light-up handle indicating the color. This set includes scented Color Wonder inks in Red, Blue, and Purple, ensuring clothes and hands stay clean. Create zoo-themed stamps like tigers and elephants. The stamp set is compatible with other Color Wonder items for endless creativity. Get 3 Color Wonder Pipsqueaks with Brown, Green, and Yellow Markers. Skill Level: Intermediate. Enjoy mess-free, scented fun for kids with Color Wonder Inks and Stamps!

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The Crayola Color Wonder Light-Up Stamper has received an exciting update—it is now scented! This innovative toy allows children to enjoy stamping without the usual mess. The stamper handle illuminates with a touch of magic, indicating the color being used. The set comprises three scented Color Wonder inks: Red, Blue, and Purple. These inks maintain clarity and solely mark the special Color Wonder paper, ensuring mess-free clothes and hands.

Adding to the creative experience, this stamp set features zoo-themed stamps, allowing kids to create their tigers, elephants, and more. The versatility of the stamper extends beyond this set, as it can also be used with other items from the Color Wonder line, opening up a world of creative possibilities.

The set includes three Color Wonder Pipsqueaks markers in Brown, Green, and Yellow, in addition to the stamps and inks. These markers are designed explicitly for Color Wonder products, providing a mess-free coloring experience.

The Crayola Color Wonder Light-Up Stamper with scented inks offers children a delightful combination of sensory exploration and creativity. This set is an excellent gift choice with its mess-free design and variety of colorful options. Let the scented stamping adventures begin!

Skill Level: Intermediate

The Crayola Color Wonder Inks Only Show On Specially Formulated Paper
Mess Free Scented Stamps & Markers for Kids. Only appear on specially formulated color wonder paper, not on skin, clothing, or furniture.