Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair Price: $ 69.99 (as of 01/06/2024 20:43 PST- Details)

The Big Joe Dorm chair is the epitome of comfort meeting style. While it may have dorm in its name, this versatile bean bag chair finds its place in various living spaces, be it your living room, playroom, bedroom, or more. With its structured yet comfy bean-filled design and a convenient handle, it’s easy to transport to wherever relaxation calls. Even spills are no cause for concern, thanks to its durable, stain-resistant SmartMax fabric, which makes spot cleaning a breeze. Unlike overfilled bean bags, this one perfectly balances for ultimate comfort. But what truly sets it apart is the thoughtful details – a built-in drink holder and side pocket for keeping your essentials close at hand. With double stitching and dual zippers for added safety and durability, the Big Joe Dorm chair is all about quality. And to top it off, it’s proudly designed and filled in the USA, showcasing a touch of homegrown excellence in every comfortable moment you enjoy. Whether tackling your next assignment or diving into a good book, your new Dorm chair is your cozy companion in style and convenience.

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The Big Joe Dorm chair is not just for the dorm room. This comfy bean bag chair is an excellent fit in living spaces, playrooms, bedrooms, and much more! Get cozy while staying organized with its convenient built-in drink holder and side pocket. Get to work on your next assignment or dive into a book with your new Dorm chair.


This bean bag chair is not just for the dorm room. This structured yet comfy bean-filled chair is an excellent fit for various living spaces. Designed with a convenient handle, it makes it easy to travel to your following location.


Did you make a spill? Designed with our durable, stain-resistant SmartMax fabric, spot cleaning is easily accomplished.


We purposely fill your bean bag with the perfect amount of beans because we know an over-filled bean bag is not comfy!


Stay organized with the Dorm’s convenient drink holder and pocket. Double-stitched with dual zippers for extra safety and durability.


Big Joes are designed and filled in the USA.