Cozy casual winter items for women (2)

Cozy Casual Winter Items For Women

So we have entered the winter season, and we have been feeling the cold for quite some time. It’s only natural to feel the need to stay warm and cozy at home, probably lighting some candles, having coffee and reading your favourite books. And since the cold weather is usually unkind to most of us women, keeping our bodies warm and having suitable winter items for the process is not simply self pampering, it’s necessity. Therefore, to help you pick what you may need as essentials for the winter, here are 4 good options.


1- HTHLVMD two piece lounge set

What could possibly be cozier than to put a cute set on, on a movie night? HTHLVMD lounge set is a soft made textured hoodie and sweatpants set,made with 74% cotton material, is meant to make you feel warmindoors. You can also pair it with a nice sports shoes for an outdoor workout at the gym. Perfect multi-use cute set.

2-Dokotoo mock neck sweater

Who doesn’t like a good sweater? The ribbed dokotoo sweater is a cool option to have in your winter wardrobe. A long sleeve sweater made with 100% Acrylic fabric to contain your body heat and keep you warm. Plus a sweater is always an excellent casual piece to own!

3- Geyoga women’s gloves

The feeling of having freezing cold hands in winter is simply uncomfortable. The geyoga gloves are made from fleece material that is meant to keep your hands warm all day. They are middle sized with good elasticity so they will fit most hands. Moreover they are touchscreen, so no worries about device using. What could possibly be better!

4-SISOSOCK women winter socks

Are freezing cold feet any better? Not really! The SISOSOCK thermal socks are meant to keep your feet warm all day. Made with 60% wool and 30% cotton, they also have good elasticity especially at the anckles. There are 5 different colours and different styles so pick the ones you like!

How to choose your cozy casual winter pieces?

Winter can be a harsh season for most of us. We get sick very easily and therefore our bodies become even more fragile and more sensitive to cold. Picking the correct wardrobe items however can solve a part of the problem, and help us face the cold uncomfortable weather. To help you pick winter items, here are some good tips.

Look for the correct fabrics: wool, fleece, cashmere, leather, flannel and fur are very suitable fabrics for cold weather that keep the heat and energy in your system. Other fabrics like polyester, linen, and sometimes even cotton, may not be suitable fabrics for winter.
List your personal essentials: there are items you probably cannot skip winter without having, like good quality socks are warm coats. While other items probably can wait like winter scarfs.
Wear fitting clothing: tight and curve hugging clothing are excellent for females. Since female bodies are usually sensitive to cold, they will definitely prevent them from cold chills.


  •  What causes winter to exist?

Winter happens when the axis of the earth points away from the sun. When that happens, the hemisphere that points away from the sun will have winter season and the other hemisphere that points towards the sun will have summer season.

  • Why is winter season called “winter”?

The name “winter” means “time of water”. It’s origin came from Germany, and it refers to the water falling from the skies in high latitudes.

  •  What is winter solstice and why is it distinctive?

Winter solstice is the day of winter with the longest night and the shortest daylight of the entire year.

Bottom line

Winter season can be difficult to manage sometimes, especially if you live in cold areas. But making the right choices will definitely improve your winter days quality, and make the season more manageable for you. Stay warm, stay cozy and take care of your body in this cold season!





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