Casual everyday men essentials for winter

Essential Winter Items for Men: Stay Warm and Stylish

We have officially entered the winter season, and the cold will inevitably get even worse. During these ruthless cold times of the year, you don’t want to look like a ball of material and fabric, but you also need to stay warm. Therefore, you may struggle to keep the heat of your body and maintain a good look at the same time. To assist you in being well prepared for the winter, here are 4 essential items that you must own in cold weather, to get you through the winter in comfort.

1-Balaclava winter face mask

Well, in snow and heavy wind, you need one of those! This heavyweight fleece made Balaclava will keep you warmer than a beanie. Not only it’s full coverage, but it’s also versatile. You can wear it in its full coverage form, as a head and neck warmer, or just a neck warmer. It’s a 4 way stretch with two toggles on the sides so no worries about the fit. Plus it’s Moisture absorbant!

2-Columbia men’s hooded Down jacket

The down or puffer jacket is a lifesaver in winter. If you don’t own one then get one, specifically because these types of jackets go with everything. Puffer jackets also do their job well specially if you layer underneath. They are 100% polyester made and water resistant. You will not regret getting one!

3-Columbia men’s Newton combat boot shoe

Boots are always perfect for the winter. They keep the feet warm and they offer excellent protection. The columbia pair ones are waterproof and durable. They have a traction rubber sole that make them resistant for slipping. And let’s face it, in winter, weather resistant boots are a must!

4- Heatuff men’s thermal wool socks

You can’t make it through winter without a good pair of thick socks. The 5 pairs Heatuff thick hight quality woll socks will help you avoid the feeling of frozen feet, and keep them super comfortable. Available in 6 different styles, they are undeniable winter essentials.

How to choose your casual everyday winter items?
Dressing up in winter can be challenging for us men. Even if we can somewhat endure the cold, we still want to feel warm and keep our body energy without feeling boxy. Whether you want to be stylish in winter, or simply want to feel comfy, here are some helpful tips in choosing your winter items.

Choose items you can layer: despite what you might hear about layering, it can beextremely important in winter. Wearing at least 3 layers of clothing will surely keep you warm all day. Make sure you layer in good colors, and wear your items from the thinnest ones to the thickest.

Choose the right fabrics: it’s no secret by now that winter needs its own fabrics to work with. Look for ones that will keep your heat like wool, leather, cashmere and even denim for a casual look.

It’s preferable not to wear sneakers: When cold gets harsh, sneakers will not be functional because you may slip and fall, and they will make your feet cold. It’s way preferable if you wear boots instead, and make sure they are weather resistant.


What is the safest way to drive in snow?

The best and only way to drive safely on icy and snowy roads is to never get distracted while driving and to do it as slowly as possible.

Should i have an emergency car kit for winter?

Absolutely! Let it have water, a flashlight, gloves, a blanket, snacks and a first aid kit. If you live in snowy areas, keep jumper cables and tire chains in the car for precaution.

How many types of ice skating is there ?

There are 2 types of ice skating. Speed skating and figure skating. The fist type focuses on the performance and dance on ice, the other focuses on speed and racing on ice.

Bottom line
Winter season, like any other season or state in life, has its own challenges. It’s not easy to stay in the cycle of unsolved winter problems over and over. However with the right choices, you can break any vicious cycle

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